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10 Natural ways to encourage Labour if full term

If you are full term and don’t want to be medically induced you may like to try some natural methods to trigger an overdue birth. Check with your obstetrician before attempting any natural methods listed below.  Nipple stimulation – twiddling the nipples for 15 minutes or more stimulates the release of oxytocin the hormone responsible

Antibiotics are losing their power

Most people have used antibiotics at least once in their life with a high percentage of those having used them more often. Now, 85 years after the discovery of penicillin and the start of antibiotic use, there is a global problem in the proliferation of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. Antibiotics are vital lifesaving medicines

It’s Movember – Don’t Forget the Boys

We are constantly bombarded with campaigns to raise awareness for women’s health and it seems that men’s health is often awarded second best. November is a time to focus on men’s well-being inline with the Movember campaign to raise funds for prostate cancer research. I am not an advocate of raising money for pharmaceutical research,

Are you a stressed caveman or cavewoman? There is help available!

Let’s get this clear from the beginning: We DO NEED stress in our life. A common question asked by psychologists is ‘how stressed to you feel from 1 to 10’ with 10 being the most stressed you have ever felt. Next question might be ‘Where would you like to be on this scale’?. You’d be

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