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Diet review Oct offer $75

Our Nutritionist Vivianne Elliott is offering a 30  minute consultation to review your diet and give tips and suggestions to benefit your health for just $75. You will need to: Complete a food diary over 7 days documenting everything you eat and drink. Fill in a health questionnaire prior to the consultation. Vivianne will spend

Caring for the carer

A lot of you will have heard this during the safety instructions on a plane. However, if you are a carer for a partner, friend, child, sibling, parent or neighbour, particularly when the caring is long-term, this might sound rather counter intuitive. Caring for someone with a disability, a progressively deteriorating chronic condition, a mental

Tips to Healthy Eating

National Nutrition Week is upon us and although it is important to be aware of good nutrition throughout the year, this is a great time to take stock. I am often asked the question ‘What are the best foods to eat?’ My answer is that everyone is different and it depends on your current medical

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