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Bianca Havukainen

Coaching, Meditation, Wellbeing

Qualified modalities:

Holistic Life Coach

Meditation Teacher

Mind-Body Practitioner

Women’s Cyclical Wisdom Educator

Circle Work Facilitator

Pharmacist health background


Supportive training & experience:

Mental Health First Aid

Trauma Informed Care

Meditation Association of Australia Member


Phone: 0409 642 759




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With 15 years’ experience in health and wellness, Bianca offers a range of self-growth, change empowerment, and emotional and mental wellbeing solutions.


Her passion is transforming stress, self-doubt, blocks and negative patterns into inner-strength, confidence, resilience and happiness. She is known for her calming, gentle and uplifting approach and for helping her clients move forward in a positive way.


She takes a holistic approach supported by science and incorporates an understanding of the mind-body-spirit balance to her work. Bianca specialises in using neuroscience-based coaching to make change more easeful and achievable, and has a particular interest in stress management.



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Holistic Life Coaching  |  Personal Growth Coaching  |  Stress & Wellbeing Coaching   |  Women’s Alignment


Bianca can help if you are:


  • Seeking direction, confidence or clarity

  • Wanting to shift mindset or develop positive perspective

  • Wanting to improve your life but don’t know where or how to start

  • Trying to make a change but haven’t been able to do it on your own

  • Wanting to better manage stress and overwhelm

  • Align with your deeper needs and find fulfillment, pleasure, and resilience from within

  • Desiring expansion and self-growth

  • Wanting to create healthy habits or balance in your life

  • Needing to interrupt the habit loop and stop those same old patterns from playing out

What is holistic life

coaching ?

Bianca helps people who are feeling stuck or want to make a change in their life to gain the clarity, direction, and confidence to move forward in a positive way – in all areas of life.


The subconscious drives 95-97% of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour – no wonder it can be hard to change! One of the benefits of coaching is to shift the subconscious blocks or patterns that have been keeping you stuck, and consciously rewrite them so that it becomes far easier to achieve what you are looking for, instead of having to keep trying to force it to work. And it often feels inspiring, relieving, and empowering to do so.


What is different about holistic life coaching is that we work in a broader way, taking into account your life as a whole. While the sessions may focus on things that are showing up in one area of life, the progress made will likely have a positive effect on all other areas of your life. Bianca’s clients will often come to her for one question eg. wanting to feel more accepted and recognised, and the shift in perspective will not only address that, but will also improve their relationships, the way they approach their day and their opinion of themselves. This is the beauty of the holistic approach.

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Effortless meditation techniques to release stress and fatigue, restore balance, and cultivate awareness.


Learn to Meditate Course

This is a short, personalised course where you can learn a practical meditation technique that yields profound results despite being incredibly straightforward to do. Through the course you will be set up to create a daily meditation practice as part of your own routine, which is the key to experiencing the full benefits of meditation. This is a wonderful meditation practice that:

  • Releases stress & fatigue

  • Is deeply restful

  • Cultivates awareness


Guarantee: you will be able to practice this technique effectively and self-sufficiently, and see results - even if you think you are someone who would never be able to meditate.