Chris Davies – Physiotherapist


Bachelor of Science – Physiotherapy

Graduate Certificate in Pain Management 

PH: 0419 949 044

E:[email protected]



I am a physiotherapist of 11 years clinical experience having graduated from Curtin University in Western Australia in 2005. I have a holistic approach to physiotherapy, which includes assessing and treating the individual through a biopsychosocial perspective. Within this framework I will focus on the individual’s injury, as well as taking into consideration other factors such as thoughts, emotions and behaviours, which can all result in non-optimal movement and pain.


I have a special interest in the management of complex and chronic pain conditions which has led me to pursue post-graduate studies in Pain Management with the University of Sydney. Through these studies and continual personal research, I have acquired a greater understanding regarding the complexity of chronic pain. This knowledge allows me to provide a detailed assessment and treatment of all factors involved to ensure an effective rehabilitation process.


I am passionate about helping people get back to what they love doing and I believe that through the latest advances in pain physiology, we can have an impact on one’s pain condition, no matter how long they have endured it. I want to restore confidence, movement and a sense of control, which can be easily lost due to pain and injury. Moving forward and changing pain is always possible.


Initial consultation $120 1hr

All follow up consultations $85 30min

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